Charter a yacht: how much does it cost?

People often believe that a charter yachts vacation is very expensive and not suitable for their budget, instead, it is not! Charter yachts have prices that are affordable for everyone, from a group of friends to families. This is the perfect solution for who wants to have fun and relaxing times aboard a catamaran or sailing yachts.


The rates in the price list indicate the charter cost per week to be divided by the number of guests. If we take as an example a Bavaria 46 Cruiser in Sardinia (14 metres, 4 cabins) in the month of July it costs € 3.500, divided by 8 people results just over €400 per person.

Moreover, the prices often can become even more attractive thanks to promotional or last minute discounts.

If you do not have a sailing license, it is possible to request a skipper on board. He has an extra cost of around € 200 per day.

If you want to learn more about charter yachts, what are the most beautiful destinations etc, you can contact us, we will be happy to assist you!