Superyacht Charter: some rules onboard

If you decide to charter a yacht or if you are invited onboard you should know that there are some rules. What we can suggest you is to ask to your Broker all your doubts, we are happy to assist you. So, we’ve outlined some essential dos and don’ts to make your experience as enjoyable as possible:
  • bring suitable luggage, soft are better than rigid
  • decide cabin allocation for all guests in advance
  • leave the crew time to do their job (e.g. clean the cabin) while you sunbathe, swim or do shopping/excursion
  • put your shoes in the basket outside the salon door (no heels onboard)
  • if you wish to travel with your pet, please ensure that you have advised your charter broker so that they can find you a pet-friendly yacht (pet are not always allowed onboard)
  • listen carefully safety briefing at the start of your charter
  • keep the crew always informed about your decision and wish
  • inform the Captain if you want to invite extra guests or having a cocktail/party
  • respect the crew and treat the yacht like your home
  • ask your broker about the tip, crew gratuity is customary and is based on the satisfaction level of your experience
  • smoke inside the yacht, there may be specific areas on deck set aside for smokers
  • think the crew to be your childcare, take care for them yourself or bring a nanny
  • bring onboard illegal things or illecit activity (e.g. drugs), the tolerance onboard is zero
  • invade the private crew areas without a specific invitation
  • take matters into your own hands, but talk with the Captain
These are some “rules” about the charter, don’t hesitate to ask for more advice.