How to charter a boat step by step

You would charter a boat for your holidays, but you don’t know how? In this guide, we explain all the steps you need to follow.

1. Ask yourself questions

In the first place, you should ask yourself some questions so that you can give us the information we need to offer you the best solution. We need to know the destination, how many people will be on board, which period do you prefer, and your estimated budget. Another important question is: do you have a boating license? There are different scenarios based on your answer.
Yes, I have a boating license
If you have a boating license you can rent a boat on your own, you’ll have total control.
No, I don’t have a boating license
The only way is to charter a boat with a skipper. Don’t panic, we’ll provide you the best solution.
Charter without Skipper
If you want to proceed without a skipper, you need someone of your group with a boating license, an identification that qualifies an adult citizen to be on charge of a boat. The process you need to follow to get a boating license is just like the driving license one: you’ll need to pass a theory test and a practical test. If you choose this solution, you will have all the responsibilities that a true captain has.
Charter with a Skipper
Get on board and enjoy your holidays!

2. What do you do now?

You can take a look at the boats here Attention: the yachts shown on the website are just few of the ones available.

Have you found your ideal boat? If you want more information or need help to choose, contact us to get a free offer:

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3. Now it’s our turn

Once we have received your request, we will provide you more solutions based on your needs as soon as possible. Does one of our proposals tempt you? You can option the boat for free for few days, so you can think about it. When you confirm the journey, we will require payment of 50% of the total amount. Then, you must pay the remaining payment a month before the boarding.

4. Leave for an unforgettable journey

Get on board and enjoy your holidays without any worries!